Just-in-Time (JIT)  
Just-It-Time A memorable lean manufacturing simulation using stickle bricks to assemble 4 products. Typically taking around 3 hours and suitable for everyone from shop floor operators to directors alike, this activity will enable trainees to understand what lean, or cellular manufacturing is all about, what difference it can make to business performance and what changes are required to make it happen.
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)  
An electronic simulation which exhibits all the characteristics of an actual machine. The game enables players to monitor and control machine performance, maximising OEE through the development of visual procedures to control planned maintenance, product changeovers, process controls, quality and performance management. Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Root Cause Problem Solving Game  
Root Cause
Kanban Demonstration Game  
A simple training exercise used to teach the basic principles of Kanban "Pull Systems" in a short, but highly effective training session, which can be quickly learned by in-house trainers. Comes complete with information on how to calculate Kanban quantities, with examples of the calculations prepared on spreadsheet.
Set-up Reduction Game  
Setup Reduction - Lser Etcher The Set-up Reduction Game - Laser Etcher, is designed to give hands-on experience of improving a Set-up using the tools & techniques learned during the theoretical training provided with the game.
6 Sigma Cannon  
The unique Hosca 'cannon' provides an ideal mechanism for detailed understanding of the principles and methods used in Design Of Experiments. It is ideal for use in a Black Belt training program or as a stand alone DoE training program.
Aeroplane Game
Standard Operations, along with 5S and Skill control are the first "milestones" in the Lean Journey, following the creation and communication of the organisation's goals and objectives. Many people may have seen a "Standard Operating Procedure" and can instantly identify with the power and potential of such a process, were it deployed throughout their businesses. However, much fewer people actually appreciate the effort and persistence required to make Standard Operating Procedures a way of life.
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