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The training session begins with a production line set up to build the four products (shown here) using traditional batch production methods. There are four assembly stages, which can be associated with similar, real life processes, a component stores and at least one supplier. During the production run the customer places a series of orders for the product, which causes more demand for kits of parts for the

production line. At the end of the timed session the production line is halted and the process is evaluated and performance critically measured. This includes counting the value of products manufactured, the cost of any defective products found at final inspection, the cost of raw materials on the production line and the cost of part-built products (work in progress).

The trainees are then invited to discuss the results and to suggest suitable ways of improving production techniques and reducing costs. Two of these suggestions are then implemented and the game is run again to assess the impact of the changes. The process of making changes, testing and evaluation is repeated, usually four times, reducing until a more effective production line has been created.

The key areas for the improvement of business performance are typically:-
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