The Set-up Reduction game is a self-learning exercise designed to give hands-on experience of simplifying a Set-up in a team based environment using the tools & techniques learned during the theoretical training provided with the game.

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The initial Set-up simulates a typical layout of a machine where there are no set procedures to follow and it relies on the experience of the operators/setters to achieve a good quality product.

The team will then use the tools and techniques from the theoretical training and the materials in the kit to simplify the Set-up method and therefore reduce the Set-up time. There are many ways to reduce the Set-up time and one method has been included in the kit with the material required to achieve it.

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Training and practise in Setting Capability is also included in the game.

Tools & Techniques used:

- 5 stage approach to Set-up Reduction

- Multiple Activity Scheduling
- Pareto Principle
- Method Planning
- Setting Capability

The game is supplied fully boxed with a comprehensive Instruction Manual and Training Package