Aeroplane Game



The exercise has been developed, as you might expect, to demonstrate what a Standard Operating Procedure should look like and how it should be deployed.  However, the main purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate the huge effort and immense amount of detailed work required to arrive at the best method to do a task, given the current resources. 

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To further emphasise the work and determination required to arrive at the very best method of completing a task, we have chosen something which every school kid will had done a hundred times or more, therefore creating the impression that the task it incredibly simple.

To ensure the best results possible are achieved, the simulation is also highly competitive, pitching one team against the other to win the prize of developing the very best method of completing a task to the highest standards of safety, quality and Effectiveness.

The kit comprises of the following:
1. A comprehensive manual on how to run the exercise.
2. A set of standard forms.
3. Scorecard Landing "platforms" (requiring approx. 10m2 of floor space).
4. CD with electronic copies of all the forms and the manual, along with a PowerPoint
presentation on Standard Operating Procedures.
5. Carrying Case to pack up and transport the whole kit safely and effectively
(estimated weight = 5 kg).

Key Points:
a) Appropriate for groups of 4 to 24 people
b) Timescales vary from 1 to 3 hours depending on degree of detail required but typically,
a 2 hour session is perfectly adequate.
c) Having run the exercise just on 1 or 2 occasions, a competent trainer would be
confident of achieving excellent results every time.

The kit can be ordered directly from the website by visa card, or you can make the necessary arrangements through our offices between 09:00 and 17:00 GMT, Monday to Friday each week.