• Long term MSA
  • Reaction plan
  • U charts
  • P charts
  • I-MR charts
  • Xbar-R charts
  • Out of control conditions
  • Control charts
    Module 3 –The Improve and Contol phases. Specifically learning the following:
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  • DoE
  • Full factorial
  • 2K factorial
  • Centre points
  • Blocking
  • Confounding
  • RSM
  • Error proofing devices
  • Standard Operating Sheets
    Training Course \\ Module 1 \\ Module 2 \\ Module 3
    Training Course \\ Module 1 \\ Module 2 \\ Module 3

    The Black Belt program includes a supervisory visit at a mutually agreeable time frame between the formal training weeks to ensure that the project is progressing satisfactorily using the methodology.

    In addition the program additionally includes 6 days after the training by a Hosca Master Black Belt in order to provide support to the Black Belt throughout the second project. This support framework will ensure that any company with two Hosca trained Black Belts will have a detailed understanding of the methodology and application, providing sustainable improvements to the organisation.

    This program would be run on the premise of two BB candidates per company. It should be noted that the cost of the program will be easily recouped from the training projects.

    A summary of the Hosca support during the program is shown below:

    3 day site champion training
    3 days
    5 days BB training
    5 days
    1 day review
    1 day
    5 days BB training
    5 days
    1 day review
    1 day
    5 days BB training
    5 days
    6 days review after training
    6 days
    26 days


    In the use of 6 Sigma the predominant statistical software package is Minitab™. Within the cost of the program a copy of Minitab™ will be provided. It should be noted that the training is of maximum benefit to the trainee when the exercises and use of Minitab™ can be used in the classroom. Whilst training can be accomplished without this it is recommended that the trainees have the use of a Laptop PC for the training.

    Program Costs

    The cost of the program for two Black Belts is £19,500 + VAT. This includes all training materials, site visits, work-based projects and daytime refreshments, including buffet lunches. The price does not include the cost of evening meal, overnight accommodation and breakfast for the training weeks. Expenses for the site visits are charged at cost.