Background to the Program

HOSCA have a real understanding of 6 Sigma and the alignment of this methodology to other continuous improvement processes. In practical terms businesses require individuals who can use the technique to effect improvement. HOSCA have developed a 6 Sigma Black Belt training course to provide a unique level of training and support for companies in developing the 6 Sigma mindset and approach to business. In addition there are two Green Belt training courses available, depending upon the software capabilities and requirements of the organisation.

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Program Objective

To enable companies to implement and support the deployment of certified Black belts to provide process improvement techniques in the journey to World class performance. The Black Belts will be trained in the Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control (DMAIC) methodology and have a deep rooted understanding of the following:

Who Should Attend

The course is designed for the development of those employees with professional responsibility within the organisation. As the methodology is easily transferable across all business functions the typical type of attendees could be, but not restricted to, the following:


-Process Engineer
-Production Supervisor
-Product Engineer
-Internal Consultant

-Continuous Improvement Manager/Facilitator/Coordinator
- Kaizen Coordinator/Engineer
- Supplier Development Manager/Engineer
- Training and Development Manager

Programme Structure

Prior to the commencement of the formal training there is an on-site 3 day session with two objectives. Firstly to train a number of company management in 6 Sigma champion training, to enable them to understand the methodology and provide a support framework for the BB candidates. Secondly to identify potential projects with the potential BB candidates, two per company. Experience has shown that in order to maximize the benefit of the training the selection of a suitable first project is crucial.

The course is divided into 3 Modules, each of one week's duration. The course builds the competence of the participant logically and systematically, providing time between the modules in order to practice the techniques on the participant's project. Project selection and guidance throughout the practical application of the tools are paramount. Hosca's program uniquely builds in a level of flexible support to the program to ensure each participant fully understands and can apply the techniques taught in the classroom.

The contents of the modules are as follows:
Module 1 // Module 2 // Module 3

Please contact us using the feedback form if you would like to take part.