A modular programme, typically run in-house and over several months, designed to create new Team Leaders or enhance the performance of existing Team Leaders.

This type of course is focused on both ‘Soft’ skills, enabling leaders to build and develop effective teams, as well as the ‘Hard’ skills required for the implementation of Lean manufacturing. The course will enable Team Leaders to deliver continuous improvement at their local level through team-based problem solving. In addition they will learn about managing change in a fast paced environment and the different styles they may be required to adopt.

Usually, we work with clients in designing bespoke modular-based programmes to deliver both the required competencies and improved business results. The range of our expertise in this area enables us to make a number of interventions that are detailed below:

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Role Definition
Ensuring the role of the team leader supports the delivery of business objectives
Team Leader Selection
Ensuring that Team Leaders have the required attributes/aptitude for the job. Our process combines Testing, Situational and Behavioural Interviewing and Psychometrics
Competency Modeling
Defining the competencies required by Team Leaders to effectively perform their role
Programme Design
Developing the content, sequence, method and timing of the programme
Programme Delivery
Using expert trainers in each topic area
Training Evaluates
Ensuring the training investment delivers real performance improvement – our process evaluates Reaction, Learning, Performance and Results levels
Training Accreditation
Enabling candidates to gain nationally recognised qualifications to NVQ Levels 2-4
Coaching Support
Ensuring the continuous development of Team Leaders’ and helping them achieve outstanding levels of performance