This tried and tested business simulation exercise is designed to give delegates the experience of moving from a centrally planned, paper driven business operation, to a process linked, Pull System, triggered by customer demands.

The one-day course is designed to develop and refine delegates' understanding of Kanban Systems, demonstrating:-

  • HOW to apply the formulae to calculate Kanban control quantities,
  • WHAT criteria to consider in deciding
  • WHERE Kanbans best fit in a process and
  • HOW to implement Kanban Systems, enabling MRPII driven paperwork systems to be eliminated.

click to enlarge picture of kanban simulation

The course is suitable for Management and Shop-floor alike, including:- Logistics Managers, Planners, Improvement Facilitators, Cell Leaders and Team Leaders. You can either attend one of our public courses or we can arrange for an In-Company course on request.

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